SECRETS AT COURT, my first Royal Wedding story, is a March release in the US and the UK from the Harlequin Historical line.  (Exact release dates vary for print and e-versions in each country.  Print February 18 in the US and March 1 in the UK.  E-version March 1 in the US and March 7 in the UK.) 

RT BookLovers gave it a 4-Star Review, writing:  “Royals plus secrets plus impending exposure always equals drama of the highest order, and Gifford delivers...”

Goodreads reviewers have been enthusiastic, too, calling it.  “…a wonderful historical romance.”   And All About Romance has listed it as one of their “eagerly awaited” March books.

For this Harlequin Historical release, I moved back across the Anglo-Scots border to fourteenth century England and the court of Edward III.  The king’s son has married for love and now, Sir Nicholas Lovayne must persuade the church to bless the union. But Anne of Stamford knows something about the prince’s bride: a secret that must be kept at any cost.

Anne has long been the keeper of her mistress's secrets, but when Nicholas starts to uncover the truth about Lady Joan's past, Anne must do something—anything—to throw him off…. 

Longing to escape the intrigues at court, Nicholas hasn't counted on the way Anne attracts him—her refusal to accept pity for her clubfoot touches something deep inside him. Will he be able to follow his duty when every fiber of his being tells him to protect Anne? 

There’s an excerpt here and a lovely preview of the book at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

I hope you enjoy Anne and Nicholas’ love story.

WHISPERS AT COURT, the next Royal Wedding story, is in revisions.  I’ll let you know as soon as I have a release date.

Of course, THE WITCH FINDER is still available and is collecting four and five star reviews.  It’s wonderful to have more than one path to reach readers and I so appreciate each of you who have supported the self-publishing venture, as well as my Harlequin books.

For more information, and an excerpt, go to THE WITCH FINDER page, here.

For those of us in the cold and snowy parts of the U.S., spring cannot come too soon!  I hope spring brings you many flowers – and books to read.