Fall 2018  


Fall has finally arrived and I’ve scattered my decorative pumpkins and gourds around the house. Halloween is on the horizon and Thanksgiving won’t be far behind.

And if you have yet to read my self-published book, THE WITCH FINDER, it is the ideal story for a chilly autumn night.
The story largely takes place during the week prior to Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, as it was called on the Scottish Borders in the 17th Century. Darker, grittier, and with a higher degree of suspense and tension than my other books, the story takes us back to a time when even the king believed in witches and persecuted them with enthusiasm.

Honored as a finalist in the Booksellers Best Contest a few years ago, it was also named Book of the Month by The Review website, which wrote: “Because Blythe Gifford’s novel is based on known facts about witch hunting, everything is founded on the realms of possibility. This is how Gifford projects the drama, the angst, and the relief throughout. We readers are on tenterhooks often, and the relief, or sadness, of the characters after such events is palpable.” For the full article, see here:  The Review

Despite all evidence to the contrary, I DO promise a happy ending, something I’m sure we can all use.

It It’s available across platforms and formats. (See at left.) For an excerpt, and a glimpse of the story, go here: TWFExcerpt.

May autumn weather give you hours of cozy reading.

All my best,